So What am I Doing Here Anyways?

HELLO! Hi! Greetings! I am so excited you are here.
Let me introduce myself: I am Yet Another Christian Pastor, creator and curator of Not Another Christian Blog. If you are reading this now, welcome! You have made it to my little corner of the internet.

If you met me one the streets you would right away notice that I am one of the much talked about, maligned, or sought-after tattooed millennials with brightly colored hair (which is currently magenta even though I was aiming for a bit lighter). I am a bit of a mythical creature here in the Christian world. I am also a bit of a statistic. See, about seven years ago I got fed up with Christianity as a whole after a particularly toxic relationship with a Christian group on campus and attempted to bow out of “institutional religion.” Yes, you guessed it! I took on the title “spiritual but not religious.” Yup! I am THAT kind of millennial.

And path led me to sitting under a bodhi tree in southern India arguing with God.
(There is a lot I’m skipping over that got me from there to here. Long story short, giving up on religion but not on God led me to study many other religions. And that led me to studying Buddhism in India. Yes, I am also THAT person. Anyways, back to the tree and the argument.)
I was sitting under the tree after four months in a foreign country with a close up view of the beautiful and messy parts of another religion. And I was arguing with God. In particular, I was yelling (in my head because I was staying at a silent monetarist at the time) that I loved God but I couldn’t stand God’s people. WHY did I have to be Christian? Couldn’t I just be anything else? Couldn’t God call me somewhere less problematic? Couldn’t I just be happy communing with God on my own without all the messiness of other people? The answer turned out to be no. I happen to be hopelessly Christian. It is in the way that I was raised, in the way I have come to see the world, the way that I have hope. It is etched into my bones. And as I sat under this tree, continuing this argument with God that I knew was hopeless, a Bible verse came to me. It happens to be the verse that I was baptized with: “I have called you by your name. You are mine” (Isaiah 43:1)

And I gave up the fight then and there because my name, damn it, is Christina... aka “of Christ”
I told you, I am hopelessly Christian… right down to my name.

I knew that I would never be content being just a member of a church. What I was being called to was not passively approve of the church’s dysfunction. God wasn’t calling me back to the fold just to be a causal participant as if Sunday morning was the epitome of what it means to be Christian. What became clear to me as I came back from my sabbatical from Christianity is that the church is meant to be a place of wholeness and healing for the people of God. And if it wasn’t that, then my job would be to help steer the ship away from the toxic and abusive forms of Christianity back towards a place where people could find rest.

In short, I went from defunct spiritual-but-not-religious millennial christian to millennial Presbyterian pastor at a Midwestern church.

So what am I doing here?
HELLO! Hi! Greetings! I am so excited you are here.
Let me introduce myself: I am Yet Another Christian Pastor, a pastor that has been on both sides of the fence of church and religion. I am a lifelong church member turned pastor who is, quite frankly, fed up with church as it is and has been for the last decade or so. I am a millennial who is the only one in my circle of friends that still attends church but hasn’t given up hope. I am queer and a feminist and tired of arguing why I belong in the church and behind the pulpit. And by-golly, I am an opinionated son-of-a-gun!
So instead of being the statistic that is talked about, welcome to my little corner of the internet where you can find my comments on Christianity, the church, institutional religion, and where this is all going.

Yup! This is Not Another Christian Blog.
God Bless!