Another Christian


yet another blog talking about
Jesus, faith, and the church

Hi! I am yet another Christian pastor who is writing yet another Christian blog.

Yes, I a quite aware of how many many blogs are out there dedicated to discussing Jesus, faith, the church and spirituality. Most all claim to have special insights to turn your church/community/faith/spirituality around.

So why am I doing this?
Self aggrandizing glory? … some will say so.
Because I like to hear my own voice? … plenty have already said so before.
Because I think I have something to contribute to the conversation? … 100% yes.

While I don’t believe that I have found the solution to all of life’s questions, I have a lot of thoughts about what is going on in the church (and outside of it) today. And I am not seeing many of these ideas talked about elsewhere.

So, wha’laah! Here I am writing Not Another Christian Blog.



Another Christian


That’s me!
Just one millennial pastor trying to minister
to the church today

Yet Another Christian Pastor (YACP) is an ordained Presbyterian pastor who works in a Detroit area church. She came to ministry out of a deep love for Christian community but dissatisfied with church existing with no other purpose than to survive. Trained as a studio artist and at Princeton Theological Seminary, YACP is searching for what the church could be while pushing the boundaries of what the church is.

The thoughts on this site are no one’s but YACP. This site strives to be a place of healing for those recovering from religious trauma, a place of acceptance for those with messy spiritualities, and a place of growth for those who struggle to see a way forward.
If at any time it fails to be that, I ask for your forgiveness.


All photos on this site were taken by NACP unless otherwise noted.